Life these days can feel so hectic and stressful. Add in poor quality sleep, demanding schedules, and unhealthy eating habits and it’s no wonder we feel so sluggish some days. But there are many other reasons why you might be experiencing day-to-day fatigue. It is, after all, one of the top complaints many doctors hear from people. Thankfully, there are ways to feel more energized. Here’s what you can do to boost your energy levels, naturally. 

Surprising ways to kick fatigue and boost energy

Exercise daily

You might be thinking “won’t exercise make me feel more tired?” But the short answer is no. When you exercise, changes occur inside your body on a cellular level. Muscles produce more mitochondria, which are powerhouse cells that create fuel out of the glucose you get from food. Having more could boost your energy levels significantly. Exercise also boosts oxygen, which helps your body use its energy more efficiently. 

Boost your morning coffee

Coffee keeps you alert and sharpens your mind. Now add a healthy scoop of raw cacao to your morning cup and you’ll increase your energy, too. If you struggle with low energy, low levels of magnesium could be the culprit. One study published in the journal Scientifica found that up to 68 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient. 

Raw cacao is the highest known source of magnesium on the planet. Cacao Bliss is a natural superfood blend loaded with raw cacao and nine other powerful superfoods. When added to your morning (with or without coffee), it can help support mental focus and boost energy naturally. *

Drink plenty of water

Think of water as your life force. Energy and water are intricately linked. In fact, all energy, including electricity, needs water. So, it makes sense that if you’re not getting your daily supply of water, you’ll fizzle out. Your body is made up of 60 percent water and even a small percentage of water loss can affect motivation, leaving you feeling drained. So, drink up!

Choose your food wisely

While all foods provide energy, some are better at boosting energy levels and helping you stay focused throughout the day. Proteins, for instance, are complex molecules that take longer for your body to break down. As a result, they are a longer-lasting source of energy than carbs. So, it makes sense to swap out that processed cereal for a veggie omelet or that high-sugar snack for a smoothie made with a scoop of Cacao Bliss

When it comes to energy, what you choose to put in your body can either build you up or wear you down. And good dietary habits will affect your energy levels throughout the day. So instead of another cup of coffee or a sugary treat, try reaching for a mug of Cacao Bliss to help keep you focused, improve your mood, and bring back your energy. 

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